Gold Mechanical's Service Department has thrived and continues to cultivate experienced Service Technicians.


Priority Dispatch to Ensure On-Demand Service

Warranty Repair 

Customized Preventative Maintenance 

Commercial/Industrial Emergency Response

Gold Service has expertise in all HVAC systems. Our Service Department works closely with its customers to establish a customized plan to solve any commercial business' needs.

Our Office dispatch is prepared to promptly answer all inquiries and immediately tend to emergencies.

Gold Service is versatile enough to undertake any project needed by its customers. Whether a business needs service on existing HVAC units or replacement of outdated systems, Gold Service is capable of meeting your needs. 

New HVAC Equipment Installation

HVAC Equipment Replacement

Installation, Maintenance, and Service of all Major Brands


Temporary Unit Installation

Gold Service can quickly arrange temporary units in times of emergency. This unit shown (left), for example, is a 400 ton air-cooled temporary chiller installed to regulate an ice rink that operates at 15° Fahrenheit. Our Service Department is one of the few in the area with such expertise. 

Control Systems Automation

Automated Control Systems configure HVAC systems to self regulate and self-diagnose. This saves a tremendous amount of time and money diagnosing issues occurring within a complex HVAC system. 

Our service technicians are trained to install and maintain these controls to ensure properly-functioning equipment.


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Service Department Dispatch 

For any Service inquiries please contact

Chad Drake

Service Department Sales Representative

Gold Mechanical Service

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Preventative Maintenance

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Zach Reynolds

Service Department Manager